Google Search Engine Optimisation

Google Search Engine Optimisation

No longer do the old forms print media dominate the world of advertising! Phone books, flyers and newspapers now bow down to the much simpler method of the website search engine for finding what you need, as well as a way of getting your services out there to reach a wider audience.

In the modern world we can't even venture to the local corner shop for a litre of milk without our accompanying smartphones and tablets to keep us company along the way. As a result we are becoming more and more accustomed to having the instant answer to our queries at our very fingertips, and expect it to be available 24/7. In such a world, the internet is naturally our first port-of-call when searching for a business.

Who would rather search through an unwieldy phone directory to find the contact details of the local pipe fitter when it is much easier, faster and much more convenient to perform a simple Google search "Cairns emergency plumber" or "Townsville drainage solutions"? This has obviously become the standard way and will only continue to become more so.

In the past, business owners could sleep soundly in the knowledge that customers were relying on phone books to find the service they were looking for, but this is no longer the case. The decline is evident in the shrinking size of the Yellow Pages directory, and if you hadn't even noticed then you have your answer already.

So what about the businesses that don't show up when you search for "Cairns Organic Produce"? Aren't they just like the businesses who, 10 years ago, didn't have an ad in the yellow pages? Unfindable?

Now we can see how important it is for businesses to comprehend and enthusiastically participate in web advertising as it is the consumers' preferred and expected method of hunting you down!

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