Q: Isn't Proprietary better than Open Source

We believe in a blended approach

** Allot depends on what you expect from your site.

Open source tools are now being harnessed to support in-house projects around;

data management and integration,

rapid application development,

governance and compliance,

business process improvement,


datacentre modernisation and virtualisation

Open Source has a role in augmenting proprietary systems and where appropriate replacing them.

"It's not really a case of open source or proprietary. The reality is that a combination of both types of software used in one infrastructure, with each meeting specific requirements of an organisation is the best way forward."

The best way to asses what is best for your website is the understanding of a monoculture (prop) and diversity (OS) can co-exist in the digital garden as well.

Just remember that many Proprietary Systems are built with a terminator Seed psychology where you must go back to the developer for all the fertilisers and pesticides to keep your website going.

When with open source you allow natural energies to determine the growth and direction of the solution.

If your site is mission critical then sometimes full proprietary systems are better, these decisions can be triggered by the  Million User Mark and as a whole are more Expensive

However if your site is predominantly about communication then some flexibility to be able to move quickly with the prevailing trends also. Open source communities know when something is hot and can generally move quicker to it than prop solutions

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