Being A Client

Ever felt like commissioning a garden, a place where you chose the location, the plants and even the gardeners to lokm after it and that is where we come in.

We do not beieve in selling youa  website, we believe very much in help growing your business and only part of the answer when you say website is actually the website.

A website is just the digital garden of your enterprise. You still want it to grow and you want it to be a healthy garden, one full of good healthy plants attracting pollinators integral producing a good next crop of customers.

Corporate Kulcha asks it's clients to begin viewing it a s the beginning of a relationship in the same way you hire a bookkeeper.

We need to know each other in such a way we plant the right garden for you to attract the right pollinators that produce the fruit that attract future customers.

So hopefully being a good client is more about instructing us in how you would like to see your digital garden grow and leaving it up to us to get it there.

One thing you could do is watch "Being There" starring Peter Sellars, it goes along way as to use of language at Corporate Kulcha

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